Crane/Manlift Inspections

Mobile Crane Inspection


(Conventional Cranes, Telescoping Cranes and Knuckle Boom Cranes)

Certified Inspection Services inspects mobile cranes to certify them to the requirements of CSA Standard Z150 (safety code on mobile cranes).

Our crane certification inspections consist of a combination of Visual Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) on all structural members.

Shop Crane Inspection


(Overhead, Runways, Jibs, Monorails, Gantry)

Certified Inspection Services performs a combination of visual weld inspection and NDT to assess the structural condition of crane runways, crane bridges, crane trolleys, gantry cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes and hooks as well as all sorts of below the hook lifting devices. 

Tower Crane Inspection


Certified Inspection Services inspects tower cranes to certify them to the requirements of CSA Standard Z248 (safety code for tower cranes).  

Aerial Boom Inspections


(Altec, Reachall)

Our aerial boom inspections can range from an annual inspection of structural members, welds and bolted connections to complete inspection & testing during the manufacturing of new aerial devices. Our inspections conform with CSA Standard C225 (Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices). 

Self Propelled Elevating Work Platforms



We perform annual inspections to meet the requirements of CSA Standard B354.2 and B354.3 (codes for self propelled elevating work platforms). 

Boom Supported Work Platforms


 (Genie, JLG, Snorkel)

Boom supported work platforms are inspected to the requirements of CSA Standard B354.4 (code for self propelled-boom supported elevating work platforms).